A Breakthrough in Building Footprint Extraction

DigitalGlobe Building Footprints, powered by GBDX in partnership with Ecopia

Global coverage with precision and scalability

Streamline your workflow with the first (and only) global building footprint extraction product that employs the most advanced high-resolution satellite imagery, artificial intelligence and cloud compute power available. Alongside our partners at Ecopia, we are excited to announce the launch of DigitalGlobe Building Footprints, powered by GBDX.

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Innovation for pressing priorities

Across industries, businesses are spending excessive amounts of time and money only to receive footprints derived from outdated sources. Your organization needs to detect and classify infrastructure - whether for compliance conformance, civic census or planning and management. And you need a resource you can trust, to be both precise and up-to-date. DigitalGlobe offers both at the scale you need, from individual metros to entire continents.

New method. New benefits.

• Valid interpretation ≥95%
• Global coverage through a single vendor
• Quarterly refresh rates*
• Quick quoting within 3-7 days

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