#geo4ag Twitter Chat:
Geospatial Solutions in Agriculture

16 September 2015

12:00pm EDT (GMT-07:00)  

The Data Revolution for Sustainable Development will be defined by how well we capitalize on existing resources. Lost cost data collection tools, ranging from crowdsourcing to satellite imagery, are changing the landscape of how we can work in development. In particular, the potential of geospatial solutions in agriculture, where location, time and context is critical, is broad and ever changing as technology rapidly evolves.

With the Sustainable Development Goals calling for an end to hunger in our lifetimes, a conversation on geospatial data and technology in agriculture is timely and important. Join us in a chat on how geospatial solutions can contribute value in agriculture, helping to realize improved productivity and incomes, especially for the 2 billion people worldwide who live and work on smallholder farms. 

Possible Guiding Questions

  •  How does your organization use geospatial solutions for agriculture?
  •  What’s your most exciting success story using #geo4ag?
  •  What are the challenges geospatial solutions have to address to become more        impactful in agriculture?
  •  How do we build capacity to increase geospatial literacy and usage of these    solutions?
  •  How do we improve access to geospatial data?
  •  How do we standardize and increase collaboration between countries and regions  for geospatial data?
  •  Which SDG do you think geospatial can impact the most?

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David Bergvinson, Director-General of ICRISAT

Bruno Sanchez Andrade Nuno, Data Scientist at World Bank LLI Innovation Labs

Kumar Navulur, Senior Director at DigitalGlobe

Juan Suárez Beltrán, Manager for Precision Farming Services at GMV


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