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With advanced 4G networks expanding and 5G right around the corner, network planners have a big job: build and optimize denser networks that improve coverage and bandwidth, reduce latency and minimize expenses. But how?

Together with our partner Vricon, DigitalGlobe provides accurate, highly detailed geodata for use in your planning software. Available off the shelf with global coverage—meaning minimal wait time for area collection or model construction—DigitalGlobe’s superior geodata is the key to maximizing your network infrastructure investment.

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Clutter Height Data (Obstruction Heights / DHM)

A detailed representation of all buildings, structures and vegetation features within your specified market. Available in 50 cm to 10 m resolution (depending on your needs) for accurate line-of-sight analysis and propagation modeling with software like Planet, SignalPro and Atoll.

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Terrain Data (DTM)

Detailed and accurate ground heights with available 50 cm to 10 m resolution and 3 m absolute accuracy. Known as elevation, DEM or DTM, this 3D representation of topography is crucial in determining potential obstructions to radio signals.

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Clutter Class (Land Use)

Shows what is covering the earth in your area of interest so you can assign attenuation, absorption, fading and reflection values to each individual bin. Matches exactly with the obstruction height data with accurate X, Y and Z values and every urban and residential structure, as well as classifying all foliage, water and open ground features.

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