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Building Footprints in action

Quantifying the built environment of Australia

Tasked with creating authoritative national location datasets for the country of Australia, PSMA needed a faster way to extract data to meet customer demands.

Ecopia Building Footprints offered a dependable building footprints data source in a fraction of the time it would take through other means, helping PSMA sharpen their competitive edge with speed and accuracy.

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Settlement mapping with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Without basic demographic data, it's hard to monitor and respond to the needs of rapid urbanization, migration, conflict, disasters, and disease outbreaks.

Supporting an effort led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to map all of Sub-Saharan Africa, we extracted over 18 million footprints over the entire country of Tanzania in a matter of weeks -- a project that previously would have taken years.

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Why precision matters

Open Data for Ebola Crisis

See how building footprints and road vector layers play a critical role in locating affected populations and delivering aid quickly and safely.

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Amplifying cost-savings for Oil & Gas

Explore how advanced satellite imagery is expediting the DEM creation process to drive faster results at a fraction of the cost needed for aerial, LiDAR or in-field surveys.

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