DigitalGlobe Customer Experience Enhancements

Join us as we work to deliver a truly world-class customer experience to our world-class customers by improving the products, tools and services they use.

Our Commitment

Through DigitalGlobe’s Committed2Customers (C2C) program, our partners have suggested some specific improvements to how they search, find and buy our imagery content. To address this feedback, we’ve created an enhanced customer experience that provides…

More content that matters—even in hard-to-collect areas
More efficient processes for faster completion of routine tasks
Improved user interfaces and easier to use tools
Easier ways to reach a representative for custom orders and resolution

And that’s just the beginning…

"Not only was the quality of WorldView-4 imagery excellent, the integration with our image processing systems was seamless."
—DigitalGlobe customer

WorldView-4 Availability

We’re happy to announce that imagery from WorldView-4 is now available to our commercial customers. By adding WorldView-4’s high-resolution content to already our industry-leading capacity, we’re making more imagery available to over the areas that matter to our customers—even in traditionally hard-to-collect areas.

Automation and modernization

We’re simplifying common ordering tasks like quoting and ordering—making the DigitalGlobe customer experience faster and more convenient. Partners will be able see and do so much more before they submit an order or contact a representative for help.

"It aligns great with our company’s workflow and how we submit orders to DigitalGlobe."
—DigitalGlobe customer

New Discover tool

Our recently introduced imagery search and discovery tool, Discover, is an efficient and intuitive way to search our industry-leading high-resolution satellite imagery library to find relevant content.

"We did not need any training for Discover. Everyone just opened it up and started using it."
—DigitalGlobe customer

The human touch

As always, our expert staff is here to handle the even most challenging situations and custom orders. With the improvements we’ve made, the representatives that fulfill imagery needs will have increased availability—resulting in faster response time and resolution.

Current partners… Learn more about how DigitalGlobe is modernizing the partner experience.

"The new process is brilliant. So simple."
—DigitalGlobe customer