Earth Observation: State of the Industry

Pacome Revillon, CEO, Euroconsult


Hard Facts & Figures

Earth Observation is a very innovative industry, moving at a fast pace and presenting many possibilities for business growth. At the same time we are in a challenging global political environment with consequences to budgets and decision-making, limiting growth potential.

As investment in commercial hardware and applications grows, and the flurry of big data and Artificial Intelligence initiatives gain momentum, Pacome Revillon of Euroconsult takes a detailed look into the facts and stats that define where the industry is and where it is going.

About the Speaker

Pacome Revillon, CEO, Euroconsult

Pacôme Révillon is CEO of Euroconsult, a position he has held since 2003. His work has led the international expansion of the company that now has over 600 customers in over 50 countries. Pacôme is a guest lecturer and advisor to key decision-makers across Euroconsult’s fields of expertise. He holds a Masters of Engineering in Telecommunications & Space from SUPAERO/ISAE and a Degree in Economics from DESIA.

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