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The first step in understanding a conflict is understanding who is involved and why. By combining our advanced high resolution satellite imagery and analytics with reputable open-source GIS data, Human Landscape enables agencies to see conflict and crisis in context through layers of comprehensive human geography data.

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The involvement of extremists is blurring the lines for many international organizations and governments.

By mapping and identifying human dynamics during times of crisis, we can better understand what’s happening on the ground and gain insight into other potential areas of risk. Whether it’s navigating the crosshairs of a complicated war or combating epidemics, these insights can inform strategic communications and plans of action to more successfully manage or resolve crisis and conflict.

Reduce operating costs and accelerate time-to-mission with Human Landscape data.

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Berkley Almeida

Lead Product Marketing Manager, DigitalGlobe | Radiant

Explore how Human Landscape can help identify and analyze key human dynamics to anticipate, manage or resolve conflict and crisis

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