Next-Gen Geodata for Your Next-Gen Networks

Evolve your network with advanced geodata fit for 4G LTE, 5G & beyond.

Don’t let 5G slow you down

Fueled by consumer demand for mobile broadband, new IoT devices, and evolving data service technologies, RF engineers are under pressure to optimize networks for 5G rollouts while maintaining service. Considering the challenges of small cell networks (e.g., high frequency spectrum vulnerabilities) and perpetual population density growth, engineers need a more efficient, accurate way to plan.

Whether it’s the lack of detail or inability to scale, traditional geodata models just can’t offer what you need to stay competitive. What changes can you expect along the road to 5G?

The Best-Laid Plans of 5G

Take a look at how next-generation geodata will help engineers today as they build the networks of tomorrow.

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Advancing Geodata for Wireless Networks

Your propagation model is only as reliable as your geodata. And your geodata could be doing more.

DigitalGlobe has refined its resolution capabilities and built a machine learning platform to enhance geospatial data for innovative applications, like building the wireless networks of the future.

Explore advanced geodata

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Where does your geodata come from?

How many geodata vendors does it take to get the coverage you need for your network? DigitalGlobe owns and operates its own satellites, ground stations, plus an AI-enabled geospatial big data platform (GBDX). And with the help of our reputable partners, we are a single source for imagery, clutter, elevation, population, and even 3D building footprint models.

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Scale your propagation simulations

Keep up with urban sprawl by leveraging the scalability only DigitalGlobe can offer. Our coverage supports micro-planning not only in the urban core but across broad metro and suburban areas.

Detect subtle obstructions

Denser, high frequency spectrum networks are more susceptible to signal interference. Reducing costly field tests starts with geodata accuracy. We have more high-resolution coverage in more places than any competitor in the market.

Get fresh imagery within days, not months

Urban landscapes are rapidly changing. By working directly with the source you can access the most up-to-date imagery and derived models sooner, plus tailor them to your specific needs.

See the difference

Compare your existing data with these complimentary DigitalGlobe geodata samples.

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