Mapping Mountains

Misha Gopaul, CEO, FATMAP


Rethinking Geospatial Technology and Business Models For Scale

In today’s digital age we don’t talk about cartography. We talk about answers to questions. Answers to questions like how long will it take me to get from A to B? Or are there parking spaces available at my destination?

By integrating mapping data with other sources of information we can build computational models that enables us to make better decisions. But today, there still isn’t an outdoor mapping platform that allows us to make decisions like that out in the wild.

About the Speaker

Misha Gopaul, CEO, FATMAP

Founder of Fabric Technologies, Misha Gopaul is a serial entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience founding and running successful technology companies. He plays an active role in the European tech eco-system as an advisor, angel investor and mentor. Misha also holds seats on the Board at NEX Abide Financial and Workplace Fabric.

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