Smarter Solutions for Farmer Payments in England

John Rennard, President, Cyient


Empowering agricultural growth with Earth Observation

Under the Common Agriculture Policy programme (CAP) the European Union pays approximately £2bn in subsidies to farmers across member states to drive good agricultural and environmental practice. That’s about 2.2 million parcels of agricultural land, woodland and marginal land that needs to be maintained. The EU’s clear aim is to make sure that the right claims are paid to the right farmers at the right time.

Earth observation plays a key role in doing this efficiently and at scale. John Rennard, President of Cyient, explains how remote sensing helps streamline this process, bringing value to all stakeholders.

About the Speaker

John Rennard, President, Cyient

John Renard serves as Cyient President−EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and also Business Unit Head for Utilities and Geospatial. With more than 25 years of IT, geospatial and data engineering experience, John specializes in financial management, strategy, business leadership and global outsourcing. He lives in London has a Master’s Degree in Geography and Management Studies from the University of Cambridge.

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