Geospatial data for IoT solutions

Advancing wireless networks to support IoT growth

Location Intelligence for the next billion devices

It’s hard to deploy an IoT solution without understanding the environment where these connections are being made. DigitalGlobe is helping network operators support IoT growth by addressing the location demands of their next generation networks, be it LTE, 4G, or the greatly anticipated 5G.

Working together

Where, what, and why? These are just a few of the critical questions that DigitalGlobe can help answer. Our wireless network partners rely on us to provide the intelligence to help them build realistic propagation models, detect change, monitor urban sprawl and identify potential risks (as well as opportunities).

By leveraging our high-resolution satellite constellation, we can build accurate and current geospatial datasets. As a result, our derived IoT solutions are driving smarter cities, smart cars, more productive agricultural output, and greater efficiency for our telecom customers.

Unleash the geospatial power to:

Aggregate IoT sensor data with advanced satellite imagery, geospatial datasets, and data analytics

Enrich and provide additional insight and context to IoT datasets

Sensing4Farming: An IoT solution for Agriculture

Farmers are taking advantage of some useful applications these days to assess crop health and perform vegetative analyses: drones, smart irrigation systems, crop health monitoring, remote sensing, and multispectral imagery. But managing all this data isn’t easy.

In partnership with Vodafone and industry leaders from GMV, ABACO, and Qampo, we developed a true end-to-end IoT plus remote sensing solution to help farmers get the most out of these technologies.

Sensing4Farming brings all the data together in one place, accessible via one simplified user interface. It offers tools to manage both space-derived remote sensing information and analysis with real-time, on-the-ground sensor data, delivering a comprehensive view of their fields and the status of their crops.

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DigitalGlobe is a leader in satellite imagery and geospatial intelligence, helping innovative customers engineer new ways to understand and improve our planet and our lives.

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