Telco Location Insights

Phil Douty, Data Monetisation Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, Telefónica


Where Are We Now, What’s Next and How Can We Get There Faster?

Telecommunications companies (Telco) have some of the world’s richest datasets – anonymized, aggregated and extrapolated. This knowledge has the power to completely disrupt the insights market as the samples of the population are incredibly representative and effectively mobile devices are within 1m of the person owning the phone most of the time – providing real-time context to the data.

For telcos, the world is made up of two types of people – people who are moving and people who are stationary. Listen in as Phil Douty of Telefónica talks about the opportunity in using this population data to understand location, movement and behavior.

About the Speaker

Phil Douty, Director of Data Monetisation Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, Telefónica

After 10 years in FMCG marketing at GrandMet and Colgate Palmolive, Phil moved into Retail Marketing at Boots, where he launched the Advantage Card, capturing sku level transactional data on over 15m customers. In his current role, Phil is responsible for developing Alliances and Strategic Partnerships for LUCA to add capabilities that broaden and deepen the portfolio of Big Data products and services offered and accelerate LUCA revenues.

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