The Multi-Billion Dollar Artificial Intelligence Market and How DigitalGlobe Plays In It

Andre Kearns, Senior Director – Services, DigitalGlobe


How are we using AI in our daily lives?

From Google to Netflix, AI is present in our everyday interactions. And it’s transforming industries.
Andre Kearns, Senior Director of Services at DigitalGlobe, highlights key application areas and how DigitalGlobe is establishing leadership in the AI market by applying advanced capabilities to solve customer problems.

About the Speaker

Andre Kearns, Senior Director – Services, DigitalGlobe

Andre Kearns is Senior Director, Commercial Services.  He leads the company’s go to market efforts that combine DigitalGlobe’s satellite imagery, geospatial big data platform and analytic services capabilities. An accomplished executive, Andre has focused his career in technology, primarily serving in marketing and strategy roles.  Andre holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Business Administration from Morehouse College. 

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