The Sky Is the Limit

Janine Yoong, VP, Business Development, Mapillary


Generating Rich Map Data from The Ground

Street level imagery can complement satellite imagery to give customers a full view of the world. Mapillary is using imagery from mobile devices to create 3D reconstructions with object recognition – enriching new maps with valuable data.

Janine Yoong, VP of Business Development, explains this process and how Mapillary is helping companies across industries explore new opportunities and improve efficiency.

About the Speaker

Janine Yoong, VP, Business Development, Mapillary

Janine Yoong is the VP of Business Development at Mapillary.  She works with mapping companies, government agencies, geospatial service providers, non-profits, and location-based apps to explore places and extract data with street level imagery.  Prior to Mapillary, Janine held positions at Yahoo, Google and led business development efforts for tech startups focused on live video streaming and hardware manufacturing.

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