Key Developments in ESA’s Earth Observation Programmes

Stephen Coulson, Directorate of Earth Observation Programs, ESA


Unlocking Further Value in the Earth Observation Industry

The European Space Agency (ESA) is handling more than 2 million queries a day on the Sentinel System and plays a key role in shaping the future of the Earth Observation market.

The industry is changing rapidly – new hardware development, abundance of data and rapidly evolving platform services. Stephen Coulson, Head of Industry Section at the Directorate of EO Programs, talks about ESA programmes and what’s to come in the next 5 years.

About the Speaker

Stephen Coulson Head of Industry Section, Directorate of Earth Observation Programs, ESA

Dr. Stephen Coulson serves as Head of the Industry Section at the European Space Agency and Directorate of Earth Observation Programs at the European Space Research Institute (ESRIN). With over 25 years of experience in the field of Earth Observation and its applications, he manages an ESA program that supports the development of European EO services for industry.

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