Visualizing Geo Big Data

Marc Melviez, Group CEO and Director, Luciad


How do we make time and change visible?

We generate massive volumes of data every single Riday. Companies like Luciad store that data.  By storing the past, time becomes the most important dimension of geospatial data. But if we’re not looking on how it’s changing then we have not understood the full context. Marc Melviez discusses the challenge of making this context visible to users.

About the Speaker

Marc Melviez, Group CEO and Director, Luciad

Marc Melviez joined Luciad in 2004, when the company was still a start-up. In 2013, he was appointed as Group CEO and is now leading Luciad’s ambitious technological and corporate development plans. Previously, Marc served as a financial auditor at KPMG, and as a software applications specialist at Management Science America (MSA). He currently holds a seat on the board of W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) by Digital Wallonia.

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