Only DigitalGlobe can see slavery from space.


See Freedom

With resolution no other commercial satellite can provide, WorldView-3 solved the problem of locating and identifying fishing vessels engaged in illegal activity by delivering indisputable evidence of human trafficking in action. This critical, eye-in-the-sky proof gave the Indonesian Navy the confidence to seize the tainted cargo and succeed in freeing more than 2,000 slaves.

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Only DigitalGlobe can put the planet at your fingertips to solve your most difficult problems. See how DigitalGlobe can provide answers using our high-resolution earth imaging content, powerful platform-level access and analytical expertise.

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See Innovation

Only DigitalGlobe can use deep learning to identify objects at mission speed and at scale. Object-detection algorithms leverage the distributed cloud computing, hybrid architecture and massive image library available through our Geospatial Big Data (GBDX) ecosystem to give analysts the confidence to make critical, boots-on-the-ground decisions.

Unlock critical information with Analytic Services that leverage DigitalGlobe’s GBDX platform to help visualize and predict risk – letting you solve even the most difficult problems with confidence.

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See Security

Only DigitalGlobe can create a comprehensive security package to help protect global events like the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Actionable intelligence helps security planners proactively see areas of risk, solve threatening problems, prepare for critical scenarios with confidence and succeed in keeping athletes and spectators safe.

Accelerate your mission response with Human Landscape, our comprehensive human geography dataset that uncovers real insight about populations on the ground.

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See Beyond

Only DigitalGlobe can create images of wildfires that help responders see the ground beneath the smoke. Our shortwave infrared sensors see beyond the visible spectrum to help firefighters locate flame fronts and hotspots on the ground – empowering them to make critical, heat-of-the-moment decisions.

Use our industry-leading earth imaging capabilities to help you reveal hidden insights. Learn more about shortwave infrared imaging.

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