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Foundational datasets for disaster assessment and response

Prepare, assess, and respond

With disruptive scenarios, it can be difficult to capture and monitor conditions on the ground. DigitalGlobe and Maxar Technologies have bundled critical data resources to help you prepare, assess, and respond to potential damage.

Satellite imagery

Access pre-event high-resolution satellite image layer over the affected area for foundational context. Concurrently, and immediately after the storm, receive an up-to-date image for post-event analysis.

Flood mapping

Prepare and monitor ongoing flood risks with flood mapping capabilities. Both SAR and optical imagery provide opportunities to detect and map the distribution of flood waters from storm events, providing for a quick assessment on the impact of a storm.

Building footprints

Ecopia Building Footprints powered by DigitalGlobe provide highly precise outlines of all buildings in at-risk areas. Overlay this dataset with pre and post-event imagery to assist in damage assessments.

Additional datasets

Complementary capabilities provided by the DigitalGlobe Research & Development team, GBDX community, and DigitalGlobe partners include:

• Pre-event building footprints impact modeling (NOAA SLOSH model)
• Post-event Building Footprint damage assessments from DigitalGlobe & Ecopia
• Satellite imagery-based flood water detection
• Datasets and analysis provided through GBDX Notebooks
• Raster and vector analysis using shortwave infrared satellite imagery (SWIR)

Open Data for first responders

If you are a non-commercial organization, please visit our Open Data Program for access to free resources.

Open Data Program

Prepare for the wrath and aftermath

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