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from space.

Gerry Stanley, Product Portfolio Manager at PSMA Australia, knew he needed a more complete source of geospatial data to give his customers the location intelligence they require.

So Gerry tapped into the world’s most comprehensive repository of geospatial data and expertise: the DigitalGlobe ecosystem.

The ecosystem combines an authoritative source of current and historical Earth imagery and data with DigitalGlobe’s powerful Geospatial Big Data (GBDX) platform, which facilitates the extraction of timely and accurate data at continent-wide scale.

PSMA leveraged the DigitalGlobe ecosystem to create Geoscape, a revolutionary location intelligence dataset that captures building outlines and attributes for every address in Australia. Never before had the complete built environment of an entire country been captured in a single dataset.

Inventing Geoscape


See how PSMA leveraged the DigitalGlobe ecosystem to create Geoscape

Geoscape tabulates building features like swimming pools, solar panels, roof heights and materials and much more—over 40 attributes in all—for every commercial and residential address. PSMA’s customers in local government, telecommunications, emergency services and insurance rely on this data for the locational intelligence they need to make crucial business decisions every day.

“The beauty of Geoscape is it’s not about what you can see… it’s about the data that’s behind it.”

—Gerry Stanley, Product Portfolio Manager, PSMA

Powered by high-resolution imagery from space, the DigitalGlobe can inspire revolutionary business ideas on Earth. How can your organization tap into the DigitalGlobe?

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