Solving Big Business Challenges with Geospatial Big Data


Making Location Intelligence work for you

This webinar tells the story of a small company with a big idea and how DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data platform, GBDX, helped bring it to life. Explore the incredible capabilities made possible by the scalability and advanced machine learning of GBDX, plus learn how to implement a strategic location intelligence program for your business.

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About the presenter:

Daniel Getman, Senior Manager, Geospatial Big Data Solutions Team, DigitalGlobe

Dan Getman leads the Geospatial Big Data Solutions team at DigitalGlobe. His team is focused on developing large-scale analysis solutions that utilize data science and high performance/cloud computing methodologies to derive information and insights from high-resolution satellite imagery at scale and across a variety of domains.

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